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It is rare to see a regular soccer ball here.  Almost all the young kids make their own balls out of plastic bags wrapped into a globe shape and tied with string.  I intend to show several such balls in the video I am now making.  Today I learned an interesting fact about these balls, […]

Mouse ka-bob

I returned the next day. The angry mop guy wasn’t around and I got my shot. I think the phrase “an acquired taste” definitely applies.

Din din

Today in Mzuzu I saw a street vendor selling whole mice on skewers.  Lots of them.  He said they were cooked and ready to eat.  I rushed back to my guesthouse to get my camera.  When I returned for the shot, the adjacent street vendor, a guy selling homemade mops, saw me take out my camera and […]

Mini mayhem on the beach in Usisya

I took my camera out to test the settings with the following result: (To be notified whenever a new post appears (although I promise nothing) simply click on “Contact Us.”  Enter your name and e-mail address and the word “Blog” in the subject box.  No need to write a message.)

On the road in Malawi

July 23 I’m writing this in the city of Mzuzu in northern Malawi.  Tomorrow, if all goes well, I’ll hitch a ride with a friend I’ve made here to the village of Usisya (oo SIS ya), the place where, again if all goes well, I’ll shoot my video.  (You can Google Map all of these […]

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