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In my 40’s I took a trip around the world that ended up lasting almost three years. Other than a brief trip to Europe when I was 25, it was my first venture to distant lands.

After spending a year in Australia and New Zealand I entered Asia and the third world where I saw poverty and hardship that previously had been unimaginable to me. When I finally returned home to the United States I realized I and everyone around me took for granted the lives of ease and luxury we enjoyed.

During that trip I could not help but notice the children I encountered along the way. They were everywhere. Though poor, sometimes even destitute, they often were wondrously open and joyful. I marveled at their industry and creativeness, how they performed family chores without complaint, how they made their own toys. They seemed so happy with so little. I was struck with how different they were from most kids back home.

Several years ago these impressions finally coalesced into Kids in Other Countries. Its mission is stated on the home page of this website. In 2012 I bought a video camera, brushed up on my Spanish, learned some magic tricks to ingratiate myself with kids and adults (see photo), and went to Central America where I shot my first video, “Valdir in Honduras.” The positive reaction to that video from friends encouraged me to continue and the following year I went to Africa and shot “Linda in Malawi.”

It is spring 2020 as I write this. I recently completed my tenth video which will be my last.  I want next to devote my time and energies to promoting this project and making it known to as many people as possible. I intend to replace the voice-overs now in English with voice-overs in other languages—Spanish, French, Hindi, Arabic, Russian, etc—so that these videos will be accessible to more teachers and kids all over the world.

Arnold Hansen
Founder, Kids in Other Countries

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