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Kids in Other Countries

Videos of kids living in other parts of the world

Kids in Other Countries is a video project designed to help young children understand what life is like for kids their own age living in other parts of the world.

We hope these videos inspire children to open their eyes to the wider world and be more curious about it.

Ideally, when older, these children will go out into the world and make it a better place.

"Thank you for providing these excellent teaching resources! I teach Grade 6 Social Studies and my students were transfixed by these videos….” 

 "Thanks so much for making these videos available for free so that teachers like me can access them….These beautiful and respectful videos are such a great gift….”

Pari in Nepal

James in the PhiliPpines

Valdir in Honduras

Ilham in Indonesia

Ganbat in Mongolia

Neha in India

Linda in Malawi

Sadia in Bangladesh

Lesi in Fiji

Gabriel in the Dominican Republic

"If we wish to create lasting peace, we must begin with the children." - Mahatma Gandhi

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